Coffee Mates Network Official

Come I invite you to have a coffee ...

Coffeemates Network is a network which allows

share testimonials,

sharing Faith in God,

anecdotes, talks, interviews and much more .

Our hope is to share

Christian Brotherhood in a favorable environment and

welcome to all Coffee Mates in all nations.

Thankful to God ...

I couldn't be more grateful to God for such a beautiful work

in my hands. I love him, He is my Everything and He gives the

Glory and Honor, Power and Dominion. He is our Provider,

Our Prince of Peace, Yeshua The Warrior is his name!

And the Boss!


Founder / Producer /

Web Developer / E-marketing / Social media / Business & Life Coach

With more than 29 years in the administrative area, accounting, Social Media Blogger and more ...

Lissette Aponte

Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry

Coffee Mates Network

"When we find out what we were anointed for and our purposes, through your guidance I can only say ... To God all the Glory and Honor."

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As a Media Entrepreneur, Lissette has played her new God-assigned roles with courage and tenacity, overcoming obstacles in Production, Content Creation, Editing and much more.